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Our monthly bookish magic is your lifeline — your portal to Calm Town — helping you feel calmer and happier; find contentment; vanquish stress; and indulge in, and savor, life’s simplest pleasures. All in just minutes a day.

With a subscription to our Read+Purr Club, you'll get a big silver envelope each month, filled with …

  🤎 One 5x7 art card (original, unique, and exclusive to Read+Purr), ready to frame or display on a bookshelf

  🤎 An illustrated habit-tracker card

  🤎 Bookish reminders

 🤎 Inspiration / Gratitude cards: seasonally inspired ideas for savoring your me-time, whether you're staying in or going outside

 🤎 One bookish postcard, to keep or send

 🤎 One small bookish gift

 🤎 Plus a $10 gift certificate for (via email), which also means you're helping to support independent bookstores

The cost for a recurring subscription to the Read+Purr Club is $34 per month, and shipping is included.

And, on your behalf, we'll give 12 books to a child who needs them.