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Go from stressed to feeling calmer & more focused in 60 seconds or less!

Keep this simple, practical magic on the shelf with your favorite books, and conjure a calm moment any time you like. Our bookshelf art prints are your quick, simple, magical portal to Calm Town.

These nerdy nature- and fractal-infused art prints induce instant calm & focus, making them perfect for your bedside table, bookshelf, or reading nook, to give you a brief respite from the stresses of the day when you need it most.

What’s included …

    • One mailing each month, containing a new 5x7 Bookshelf Art Print (original, unique, and exclusive to Read+Purr). Shipping is included!
    • Occasional drawings for books, indie-bookstore gift cards, and other surprises
    • Good karma for helping us in our mission to support literacy, as we donate a portion of sales to nonprofit organizations that 1) offer literacy and tutoring programs for all, and 2) provide books to children who might otherwise not have any of their own.


The cost for a recurring subscription to the Read+Purr Art Club is $17 per month.